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Why Gothicmarshmallon, exactly?

Good question. The gothic part comes from how I dress, marshmallon is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card. It just somehow felt right.


Do you see a shrink?

No, but I appreciate your concern.


What do you wish for more than anything else?

Peace, Love and Candy.


What label do you consider yourself?

I'm sorry, I wasn't aware I was a soup can. Sorry, couldn't resist. eh..alternative, I guess. Yaoi fan, Perkygoff, Weirdo, Apparantly philosopher. Or maybe "that quiet (because she doesn't associate with stupid people) kid that likes art more than people" or "That weird hyper girl that runs everywhere and wishes she lived in the victorian era or fuedal japan, despite knowing nothing about these periods". Or perhaps not. I could really care less. Currently, I am in something of a faery goth or ethereal phase.


What is your favorite color?

Purple and Black. I would have thought that was obvious. I also like dark blue and silver.
You're late for class. Oh noes!  
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