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... Hi?
Laptop problems, and my lack of updating.
Sana on 11/05/2009 at 10:59am (UTC)
 My laptop broke. My uncle's friend apparantly can rebuild them, or my Gran will get me a new one, or something. But until then (christmas at the latest) I will probably not be able to update this site, if I can I'll borrow some of my friends' computers, but I'm not promising anything. I repeat, I have not abandoned this site.
~Sana X

Shag bands. Siriusly, what?
Sana on 10/16/2009 at 12:38pm (UTC)
 Mind if I rant here for a second?
Everyone at my school (more-or-less, me not included.) has started wearing them. It's pathetic. I mean, I'm sorry, but I prefer to keep such things private. Also, the majority of the kids that wear these things are...what? 12? It's really bad. For one, they shouldn't even be doing that stuff at that age. It's just disgusting. I siriusly hope this doesn't last long.
Comment posted by Ahni( ), 10/23/2009 at 5:56pm (UTC):
I'm not wearing them! And one of our teacher's is going round cutting them of people's wrists. Bet you can guess who.... (a music teacher)

My past msn messages:
Sana on 10/11/2009 at 12:57am (UTC)
 Thought I should put these somewhere:

"Don't take life so seriously, it's not like it's permanent."
"Dear sadly retarded diary, today sucked like a fat guy on a lollipop"
"La vie Boheme!" (literally, "the bohemian life". Go watch RENT, then you'll get it.)
"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."
"If electricity comes from electrons, morality must come from morons."
"Love me, fear me."
"You have to be evil in order to live, because evil is live spelled backwards"
"..Sanity is overrated"

Peace, love, and candy,

Sana on 10/09/2009 at 11:51pm (UTC)
 This is basically a mini-blog entry, but I really want to say something about this: Pre-rapealite art. It is so georgeous!! I seriously think I'm in love. Some people were SO talented back then..
Peace, love, and candy,

Sana on 10/03/2009 at 9:49pm (UTC)
 I have two regular visitors to this site (other than my friends, who don't count), ^^; I feel so proud.

New begginings. Again.
Sana on 09/23/2009 at 4:06pm (UTC)
 Hey everybody.

Well, okay, today I kind of had a little bit of an emotional breakdown. Oops. But thats okay, as you need to reach rock bottom before you can work your way back up. Which I have done. Creepily fast. I am now deliriously happy. There just isn't a healthy medium with me, is there? xD

In the spirit of Carpe Diem (capitalized because I can), from this day on nothing will EVER stop me from doing what I want, which at present is living in a rainforest, painting.

May this be my rallying cry:

"Do not stand in my way! I shall walk around you!"

So, to any of my friends reading this, you don't need to worry about me anymore. I will NOT let myself be your Neil.

Peace, love, and candy,



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