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... Hi?
Of pride, and gayness and such things.
Sana on 09/14/2009 at 7:18pm (UTC)
 I was recently proposed with the question "Why are gay people proud, when pride is the worst of all sins?" Well, I thought it was kinda an interesting question, so I'm blogging it.

First of all, people can be proud of damn near anything, not just their sexuality. I have met proud goths, proud Artists, hell...Loretta Lynn was proud to be a coal miner's daughter, for gods sake!

Also, the seven deadly sins, and the idea of pride being the worst, are on the whole no longer beleived. Hubris, on the other hand, whilst not a sin, is still widely considered a fatal flaw, but lets not go into that.

(seeing as I learnt about it from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. =P)

Also, in this case "Pride" refers not so much to vanity as to self-worth, which is avoiding the equally-as-bad sin of sloth.

But then, that's just me.

God, I sound like that lady from "your thoughts on yaoi".




Chapter whatever-this-is, in which Sana discusses Nostalgia, Winnie the pooh, and other unimportant things.
Sana on 09/12/2009 at 5:34pm (UTC)
 Nostalgia means different things to different people. To those who lost contact with their friends, it's a school reunion. To those who grew up in the 80s, it's watching the breakfast club. To me, it's winnie the pooh. God I used to be so obsessed with that. And so, when I heard that someone wrote a spin-off of the original books, I decided something: I simply -must- get that book.
Wish me luck!
Peace, Love, and candy,

Sana is back at skool nao.
Sana on 09/05/2009 at 9:13pm (UTC)
 Well, actually I went back yesterday. But I forgot to blog it.


Random thing of the day:

"One winter night in August
While the larks stand in their eggs,
A barefoot boy with shoes on
Stood kneeling on his legs.

At ninety miles an hour
He slowly strolled to town,
And parked atop a tower
That had just fallen down.

He asked a kind old police man
Who bit small boys in half,
“Officer, have you seen my pet
Invisible giraffe?”

“Why sure I haven’t seen him,"
The cop smiled with a sneer,
“He was just here tomorrow,
And he rushed right back last year”

“Now boy come be arrested
For stealing frozen steam!”
And whipping out his pistol
He carved some hot ice cream.

Just then a pack of dogfish
Who roam the deserts snows,
Arrived by unicycle
And shook the policeman’s toes.

They cried, “congratulations
Old dear, surprise surprise,
You raced the worst, so you came in first
And you didn’t win any prize!”

Then turning to the boyfoot bear
They yelled, “He’s overheard
What we didn’t say to the officer
(we never said one word!).

“Too bad boy, we must turn you
Into a loathsome toad!
Now shut your ears and liten,
We’re going to explode!”

But then with an awful holler,
That didn’t make a peep,
Our ancient boy, age seven
Woke up and went to sleep."

I didn't write that, but it was too awesome not to post.

Peace, love and candy,


God I feel pathetic... ._.
Sana on 08/31/2009 at 8:19am (UTC)
Today, Cinda woke me up to say that her and Louie were going shopping and that they'd "see me later".
Now, I don't know what it was, but I -realy- didn't like her tone. It made me feel like I'd done something wrong.
So I ran around, trying to get dressed as fast as possible (I'd shower when we got back, mmkay?) and ran after them up the lane.
Nearly made it as well, but I got tired and then lost track of them.
Moral of the story: Don't chase a car, unless you're actually good at running.

Sana on 08/29/2009 at 11:53pm (UTC)
 I'm bored, and have nothing much to say, but I have to put SOMETHING on the blog. It's freezing. Kitty admitted that he's in love with Lupus. Our society is pretty fucked up. Will that do?


Of war, philosophy, and other thoughts of the now.
Sana on 08/17/2009 at 6:34pm (UTC)
 Okay, my sister and sstep-father saw something on the news today about afghanistan or something, I forget the details, but it just made me think "why?". Why do we have wars, when in the end no-one wins. You can't put a price on the lives of others. Humans do terrible things in their greed and seemingly never ending quest for power...

But on the other hand, Sana has found a philosophy she *actually* agrees with. Transcendentalism.

Shame I had to live two centuaries to late, isn't it?

Peace, love, and Candy,


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