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Good news, bad news, and cyber cookies.
Sana on 07/19/2009 at 3:37pm (UTC)
 The good news: My laptop now works again, so you get updates and I get to listen to music and browse an unfiltered internet. It's all good.:3

The bad news: When OFW did it's little updaty thing, they for some reason decided that you are no longer allowed to put slashes in the title, which sucks. So the following page names have been changed:

Genki Girl/Keet = Genki Girl [slash] Keet

Salaryman/Office Lady = Salaryman [slash] Office Lady

Cyber cookies for all and I have done further updates but I spend so much time on this site that it would clutter this blog for me to post them all here. Go see for yourselves!

Peace, Love, and Candy,


Minor setback...^^;
Sana on 07/16/2009 at 7:57am (UTC)
 I happen to have broke my laptop charger, and everything I needed for this site was on it. At any rate, the school computers filter thing won't let me edit any actual pages except the blog. Fun. They need to realize that lolita is a fashion, not a pedophilia. :/ Fear not though, awesome people of awesomeness, for t3h Sana shall get it fixed! *triumphant pose*
Peace, love and candy,

urrmmm....(Or, as my friend has termed it, Sana's near-rape experiance)
Sana on 07/13/2009 at 8:19pm (UTC)
 Exactly what the title says, I was nearly raped. Well, so Sammy says. I think Rape is a strong word. It was mild sexual harrasment at most. probably wanna know what happened?

Well, okay, I was sitting on the desk in room 125 at lunch, and this guy -Josh, I think his name was,- sorta puts his hands on my umm...breasts, and presses me back against the table, so that he's practically on top of me. Meep! Oh yeah, all whilst making realy urmm...*worrying* comments. I would say suggestive, but it was kinda more than that. Rapey isn't a word though. *baka*

Anyways, I'm not quite sure how I got out of that, maybe I managed to push him off me, maybe my friends stopped him, maybe he had a "my god what have I done if I go any further with this girl than I'll be a rapist" moment, but whatever. Key point is, I ran. Cowardly, I know. But what else could I do? I was-I'm almost ashamed to say this-scared. There, I admitted it.

My friend Ahni (Hi Ahni!) followed me and like comforted me 'n stuff. Well, all my friends joined in with that. And asking me if they can beat josh up. I don't realy think that is strictly nessesary.

There comes a time when you just have to tell people "Quit molesting teh Sana!!" Siriusly.

At any rate, I wish you all the peace love and candy in the world,

Sana Shadow, over and out.
Comment posted by Ahni( ), 07/13/2009 at 8:31pm (UTC):
It was not 'mild' sexual harrasment.

The nessasary Micheal Jackson blog entry.
Sana on 07/02/2009 at 12:40pm (UTC)
 Exactly what it says on the tin, even uber-awesome bloggers like me wish to express their feelings on this matter.

Firstly, would everyone stop making jokes about him? It's insensitive and well....just plain wrong.

Obviously, I am sad that he is gone; this is indeed the end of an era, and my heart goes out to his loved ones, especially those three little kids.

But on the other hand, I think it is almost a good thing. He had suffered so much, and now he may finally rest in peace.

Also, I am fully aware that it is too late for this, but it still needs to be said: the saddest thing about the life of MJ was not his death, far from it. It was that this man had been builiding an image for himself since most kids were building tree houses (thanks to his dumb abusive father! *growl*) only to have it destroyed amongst rumors of child molestation and drug abuse. His fame, and the respect of his fans, were truly all Micheal ever had. It is arguable that his life was over long before now; he lost everything. I hope you all feel very guilty for that.

True, Micheal Jackson was lost and scared and not exactly all there, but no matter what the circumsatnces of his life Micheal Jackson was a brilliant performer, and I sincerley hope he shall be remembered for his music, not for the controvosy of his later years.

Rest in Peace Jacko, you will be missed.

Someone PLEASE tell me this is a hoax...
Sana on 06/25/2009 at 9:20pm (UTC) Period. They call us Neo-Nazis and yet they hate other religions, homosexuals, and the disabled? Hah! Thats so frickin' hypocritical that it's funny. But some of the stuff on this site is far worse.

"Women should know their place"? "No better that terrorists"?! not to mention their article on "de-gothing". That's not trying to help your child; it's not even abuse! That's torture, pure and simple, and whoever wrote that needs serious mental help to even think those things, let alone go through with them.

I'm the exact sort of person these Extremists want to burn in hell; I'm Goth, New age, Bisexual, Dyspraxic, and have BPD. I'm tempted to give them a gun, and ask them to do what they say they will. I'll bet you anything they wouldn't have the guts to pull the trigger.

I am slowly losing faith in Humanity,

~Sana Shadow

Sana on 06/24/2009 at 9:58am (UTC)
 I recntly watched Papa to KISS IN THE DARK, a yaoi anime. Yum. It's so funny, Mira's just like "No! I'm not ready!...okay." LOL. And he walked into a tree. Heh, Ukes are so funny.

I took the quiz on, and I'm a Chibi Seme.


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